Yoga Teaching

I grew up in the Jivamukti Yoga lineage. I was attracted to this method’s emphasis on developing right relationship with the earth and the practice of ahimsa, non-harming.  I’ve undertaken over 1000 hours of teacher training, as well as 9 years of teaching experience. I currently teach regular yoga classes at two Sydney yoga studios – Humming Puppy in Redfern and Union Street Yoga in Erskineville. I also hold regular events, workshops and retreats under the umbrella of my company Wild Child Moves, which marries yoga, meditation, movement, deep ecology and rewilding.


Before I came to yoga teaching, there was writing. I’ve worked in mainstream and independent media, regional newspaper publishing, research, online production and editing, as well as freelance journalism. My freelance work has been published in Australian Yoga Journal, Overland Literary Journal, Good Weekend, Yen Magazine, Dumbo Feather, Peppermint Magazine, The Drum, Sydney Morning Herald, New Matilda, The Diplomat and others.

Deep Ecology Facilitation

I hold retreats and workshops facilitating deep ecology practice in wild places, as well as working with organisations to strengthen connection, intention, resolve, and unity. I am currently undertaking a year-long Facilitator Development Course through Joanna Macy’s organisation, The Work That Reconnects. Deep Ecology brings us back to a felt sense of connection to the earth, bringing us into an animist way of experiencing the web of life – as alive, as spirit running through all things. The core practices and method formulated by environment activists, Joanna Macy, John Seed and others, focus on developing connection to one another and the living earth, as well as processing grief over the destruction being wrought, and then coming to a deeper resolve to protect the earth through activism, challenging the established structures underpinning our society, and shifting human consciousness. Many of the practices are inspired by engaged buddhism.


My activist days began in student organising and anarchist circles. I was most heavily involved in the refugee rights movement during the Howard years and more recently I spent two dangerous summers confronting Japanese whalers in Antarctica with Sea Shepherd. There is more to do.


The thread that runs through all I do, is love for the earth, and a message of protecting life and cultivating our felt sense of connection.

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Workshops, Retreats & Events


Sydney Park, St Peters between August 31-September 21

This four-week course will take place in the urban greenspace Sydney Park in Sydney’s inner west. The course will be led by yoga teacher and deep ecology facilitator Anna Greer. Anna will share meditation and deep ecology practices that engage our senses in the world around us and bring us to a feeling of gratitude, joy and connection to the web of life. This course is to support those who are feeling the immensity of the crises of our current time and longing for a deeper connection to the natural world. Learn how to find refuge in the present moment and healing in nature.

Each session will run between 60 and 90 minutes. The structure of the course will be:

  • Saturday August 31, 9am: Honouring Interconnection
  • Saturday September 7, 9am: Gratitude and Reciprocity
  • Saturday September 14, 9am: Sitting with Broken Places and Composting Grief
  • Saturday September 21, 9am: Shapeshifting and Immersion in the Sensual World

Numbers will be limited so please sign up here💚 and also to ensure you are kept up to date about details and where and when we will meet each week. There is no cost on sign up but exchange for the sessions will be by the Buddhist practice of Dana, generosity. Give what you can – whether that’s money, homegrown herbs and vegetables, homemade goods or open presence.


Glamping Retreat with Wild Child Moves

Join Wild Child Moves for this glamping retreat on the banks of the Barrington River. This unique retreat experience will include nature based meditations, movement and deep ecology practices to reconnect our body and spirit with the wider body of the earth. Spend a weekend connecting with the elements within and around us. Our bodies are made of earth, water, fire, air and space. These elements are in constant flow through us. We are the earth, the universe expressing itself in a constantly moving, changing human for a time. And beyond that too, we realise that the earth is an extension of our muscle and bone, the rivers are an extension of the rivers of blood flowing through our veins and arteries, the trees are an extension of our lungs. We are the sun in form, the sky and vastness of space extend into us through our mind and consciousness. Exploring this interplay of elements will be our access point to a feeling of interconnection with the web of life.

We will also move through the spiral of Joanna Macy’s the Work That Reconnects to process despair over the current global ecological crisis, and cultivate connection, healing, joy and determination to continue to act in our role as healers, protectors, and lovers of earth.

Recharge and reconnect in beautiful natural surroundings with like-minded people. It’s going to be super special!

When: November 15-17, 2019

Where: The Steps of Girrba Campground (535 Manchester Rd, Bindera, NSW 2422)

Cost: $450 earlybird until September 30 / $520 from October 1

Price includes: Glamping accommodation in shared bell tent, bed and bedding provided, a weekend of teachings and guided practices, all meals (all vegan), campsite hire.

How To Get There: How To Get There: By car. We will organise lifts and carpools, for those who don’t have car access, as the weekend gets closer. There is also a countrylink train leaving from Central to Gloucester and if necessary we can organise pick ups from there.

Email to book or enquire.

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