Spiritual Warriors in Outer Space

My fellow Jivamukti yoga teacher, Sandy King and I made this video on the weekend to promote the spiritual warrior classes at Jivamukti Sydney. It’s a timelapse video of Sandy and myself demonstrating the Spiritual Warrior sequence. Graphic designer Alanna Bowd (of yogeeks.com.au) set us up with an amazing spacey background, which made it way more cool than I ever thought it would be.

Some words from Sharonji about the Spiritual Warrior sequence she designed:

“Spiritual Warrior is a brisk one hour vinyasa yoga sequence. Because spiritual warrior is a fixed sequence, meaning the format is always the same, the student has the opportunity to progress to a level of mastery by committing to a consistent regular practice… With time and regular, steady practice, it is guaranteed that progress will inevitably come.”

Spiritual Warrior is on the timetable at Jivamukti Sydney in the following timeslots:

Mondays at 9:30am and 1:15pm
Wednesday at 9:30am
Thursday at 1:15pm
Friday at 1:15pm