Inversions Conditioning Course

“Through repetition the magic is forced to arise.”

~ Alchemist principle

Mastering inversions takes practice, dedication and playfulness. After the popular Handstands Conditioning workshop in May, Jivamukti teacher Anna Greer is back with her insights into the art of turning upside down. This time the teachings will extend over five weeks – it is only through practice that steadiness and joyfulness in inversions will come to the practitioner.

The five-week course will focus on conditioning exercises, strength building, breaking down the basics and getting upside down in a supportive and fun environment. We will cover:

– Correct use of hands and whatever else might be connected to the Earth
– Strengthening and protecting the wrists
– Core work to give you that extra lift
– Upper body strengthening
– Upside down practice

All levels welcome.


Every Friday from July 5 to August 2


6pm – 730pm



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