Be the Change in Australian Yoga Journal

Jivamukti Yoga teacher Anna Greer chats to AYJ about making wise choices, healing the Earth and yogic karma [AYJ nov/dec 2016]

The Warrior Heart on Aletia Living Dangerously

“When I opened the door of the small inner city studio, I was greeted by a high ceilinged room with yoga mats in a circle and half a dozen welcoming faces. It was day one of an urban retreat entitled “Awakening the warrior heart”. I had been invited by a friend, and signed up without really knowing what I was in for. Fairly confident that anything to do with warriors and matters of the heart would be good for me, I was also convinced by the promise that the two day workshop would follow Joanna Macy’s deep ecology work. The approach seems to be about providing nourishment for activists and those doing any type of ‘work of the heart’…”

[A review of the Awakening the Warrior Heart retreat, August 2018]