Deep ecology retreats and workshops

Looking deeply into the eyes of a fellow warrior, I caught a glimpse of the person I’d like to be, and the common humanity that binds us together. “Awakening the Warrior Heart” retreat was a time of deep nourishment and reflection for me. Our vibrant and yet serenely calm workshop leader, Anna Greer, took us on an experiential journey with some of Joanna Macy’s deep ecology work for activists and those doing work of the heart. Anna gently led us through sessions of energetic yoga, mindful movement, reflection, meditation, and creative processes for exploring how we might engage with a broken world. Nourishing vegan food was the perfect complement to the nourishment of our souls.

~ Aletia

The Awakening the Warrior Heart workshop had this overall feeling of being a pathway to wholeness and collective action. Through the deep ecology practices the sense of separation and personal struggle against the enormity of the challenges of our times instantly melted away through simple connection to other human beings who feel as deeply as I do. It’s hard to explain the profundity of this embodied experience but it is one of great hope for the future we can shape together.

~ Peregrin Chiara

Anna’s deep ecology practices is exactly what is necessary at this point in history. While we all feel despair due to the destruction of the natural world, Anna blends physical asana practices with a call to action. Through her teachings, she gently reminds us of the true purpose of yoga – which is collective freedom and healing. She introduced me to the concept of ‘spiritual activism’ and I have never looked back. Take her classes and workshops and she will bring you back to your authentic self, giving you the resilience to keep moving forward with compassion.

~ Sarah

Free Movement Workshops

So often in our culture we make movement about disciplining the body, controlling it, rather than opening ourselves up to experience greater freedom and joy. We can constrain ourselves so much with worry about what it looks like or whether we’re ‘doing it right’. Anna’s and Clare’s wild movement workshop is a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with the innate intelligence of the body and the simple happiness of movement. Anna and Clare are wonderful guides but the gift of the workshop for me was their encouragement to tune into what my body was craving and let go of preconceptions about what movement should be. And it was so much fun!

~ Tara

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of doing a workshop with Wild Child Moves at Union Street Yoga. Other than being glorious fun, it was genuinely exhilarating and so freeing. Basically the idea is that a space is intentionally created for exploration of the embodied self with guided movement cues and great music… and blindfolds! Anna and Clare have put together something special here. I’d recommend to pagans who want to work on their energy raising skills, yogis who want to break the mould of formal asana and just anyone who wants to feel the freedom of movement that you had as a kid again.

~ Gemma


The Wild Child Moves Day retreat was ecstatic! Thank you Anna and Clare for all your teachings, and having this. The day unfolded so beautifully connecting to Mother Earth, with a barefoot silent mediation, being open and observant to nature of sounds and textures, listening to a small water hole nearby during a beautiful yoga practise by Clare practise,6 element meditation by Anna was so warming and relaxing , and the storytelling and observing that everything has a story to teach us, around nature and all , the connections that we have in ourselves and all the beauty that surrounds in Love and Nature. So much knowledge was shared, openness, love and compassion.I didn’t want to leave! Thank you for having this day retreat and looking forward to all your new beginnings and journey with Wild Child Moves

~ Fotini Deme

The Wild Hearts Retreat (2018) was an amazing experience. We didn’t spend the whole time in a yoga hall and there were great practices to re-connect with nature.

I would recommend Wild Hearts retreat to anyone that would like to be immersed in nature and enjoy beautiful yoga and meditation. Anyone who wants to take time out from their fast paced lives to have a bit of ME time. Both teaches Clare and Anna have a wonderful gift, you seem to feel transformed to a happy place within yourself.

Wild Hearts’ Retreat was a blissful & grounding weekend. Reconnecting and immersing ourselves with Mother Nature, making new friends, eating delicious nourishing food, yoga, dancing, rolling in the leaves, getting barefoot and muddy, it was all so much fun! I left with a full heart, renewed wonder and connection with our sacred earth, Clare and Anna thank-you for an amazing experience.

Call of the Wild (2017) was such a magical retreat! Beautiful asana practices & teachings from two yogis who absolutely live what they teach. We were challenged, had fun, laughed and connected to nature with ritual and heartfelt discussion, mindfulness and silence. By the end of the retreat i had a deeper connection to my own heart, where i was at, and also a desire to spend more time in nature, which sparked a year of me regularly hiking & camping with friends – sometimes solo!

Anna & Karolina are two very inspiring humans who uplift & inspire by who they are but when they come together its a powerful shakti force for everyone!

~ Kirsten

The Call of the Wild retreat was a powerful way to reconnect with the world, and with myself. Anna weaves together threads of teachings from philosophy, literature and science to reexamine the concept of wildness as the force that plants us in the world and gives us power. The retreat beautifully nurtures you to discover your own unique wildness through yoga asana, meditation, and connecting with the natural world.

~ Anna

I found Anna’s last retreat to be soul nourishing, grounding, fun and inspiring.  Uplifting asana classes, the most beautiful mandala ritual and time spent bathing in nature made for a wonderful retreat.

~ Tara

The [2017 Call of the Wild] retreat was a beautiful opportunity for me to connect to self, community and nature, and remember that they are all intertwined.  Asana, dharma, chanting and time in nature brought us closer to ourselves and the world around us. Movement, music, gorgeous food and time together were all nourishing, grounding and uplifting.

~ Alina

Inversions workshops and handstands courses

Anna is an amazing teacher, [the handstands course] being a small class, she had time to understand where your body was at and push you to take the next step. The class is a perfect mix of yoga, conditioning, strength and fun handstand skills, I also learnt lots of new ways to practice at home. Anna really understands the anatomy for handstand, we learnt how to engage the nessesary muscles and find the right alignment for the perfect handstand. I loved every class

~ Sam

Anna created an enjoyable yet challenging set of workshops. The balance of yoga, conditioning, and paired exercises made being upside-down on the weekend a pleasure! I noticed an improvement in general technique and confidence, but the real improvement was made with the non-yoga strength exercises creating more awareness of the body.

~ Lauren

Anna’s combination of in-depth knowledge and passion for inversions meant that the [inversions] workshop [at the Yoga Well] was both informative and fun. Her natural warmth, understanding of anatomy, and her clear communication style left a lasting impact.

~ Marita Dortins, owner/director, The Yoga Well.

Anna’s handstand conditioning workshop taught us basic fundamentals of how to get upside down, it was really interesting to learn how to use the hands, wrists and core muscles properly. The sequence in the class helped build up the strength and confidence to do handstands and helped me get a little better at handstands, even if I still have a long way to go. And it was fun, with great music, in true Anna style. Highly recommended!

~ Monica