Earth and Sea

Dumbo Feather, March 21 Trees and earth and stone all smell sweeter than the sea. For 94 days, I have been on patrol in the Southern Ocean with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as part of the most-recent whale defence campaign. As we approach 100 nautical miles downwind from the lush coastline of New Zealand’s South … Continue reading Earth and Sea

Peter Hammarstedt is a Sea Shepherd

From Dumbo Feather, Issue 36 "Throughout history, it has been passionate individuals who change things, not government." Interviewer ANNA GREER Photographer ANNA GREER Location MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA Interview Date THIRD QUARTER 2013 Weather SUNNY WITH A SHORT SUN SHOWER Unexpected BEING HELD "HOSTAGE" Peter Hammarstedt risks his life for whales. Every summer for the past eight … Continue reading Peter Hammarstedt is a Sea Shepherd