Interview with Seane Corn on Yoga and Service

“All the conflict that exists is a manifestation of our collective thoughts as a global society and our global thoughts are fear and oppression and if we want to heal the planet we first have to look within ourselves to see where we’re enacting fear or oppression in our own personal lives. If we can … Continue reading Interview with Seane Corn on Yoga and Service

Living Yoga: Yoga and Activism

[Published in Australian Yoga Journal, May 2014] “How can you be a yogi and an activist?” asked a fellow Sea Shepherd crew member on the bridge of the organisation’s long-range vessel, the Bob Barker. I had been pondering this question for the previous three months at sea. We had been patrolling the Southern Ocean Whale … Continue reading Living Yoga: Yoga and Activism

Earth and Sea

Dumbo Feather, March 21 Trees and earth and stone all smell sweeter than the sea. For 94 days, I have been on patrol in the Southern Ocean with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as part of the most-recent whale defence campaign. As we approach 100 nautical miles downwind from the lush coastline of New Zealand’s South … Continue reading Earth and Sea