Inversions workshops and handstands courses:

Anna is an amazing teacher, [the handstands course] being a small class, she had time to understand where your body was at and push you to take the next step. The class is a perfect mix of yoga, conditioning, strength and fun handstand skills, I also learnt lots of new ways to practice at home. Anna really understands the anatomy for handstand, we learnt how to engage the nessesary muscles and find the right alignment for the perfect handstand. I loved every class

~ Sam

Anna created an enjoyable yet challenging set of workshops. The balance of yoga, conditioning, and paired exercises made being upside-down on the weekend a pleasure! I noticed an improvement in general technique and confidence, but the real improvement was made with the non-yoga strength exercises creating more awareness of the body.

~ Lauren

Anna’s combination of in-depth knowledge and passion for inversions meant that the [inversions] workshop [at the Yoga Well] was both informative and fun. Her natural warmth, understanding of anatomy, and her clear communication style left a lasting impact.

~ Marita Dortins, owner/director, The Yoga Well.

Anna’s handstand conditioning workshop taught us basic fundamentals of how to get upside down, it was really interesting to learn how to use the hands, wrists and core muscles properly. The sequence in the class helped build up the strength and confidence to do handstands and helped me get a little better at handstands, even if I still have a long way to go. And it was fun, with great music, in true Anna style. Highly recommended!

~ Monica