Workshops, Retreats & Events

Wild Child Day Retreat

Nature Connection Day Retreat (Saturday April 7, 10am-5pm)

Join Clare and Anna for a full day nature immersion in the beautiful Royal National Park.

Leave the city behind and dive into the healing power of our Mother Earth through a number of grounding Earth Connection practices. The day will include teachings on sit spot meditation, walking meditation, creating intimacy with the Earth with storytelling and observation of the relationships between wild beings, yoga and movement practice, an elemental led relaxation with sound healing, and more. Details here.

Shake It Off

Shake It Off: A Wild Movement Workshop (Friday April 27, 730-9pm)

This is a Wild Child Moves movement workshop. These workshops are about remembering our wild bodies. Using movement as an expression of our inner landscape, rather than an imposition on the body by the mind or will. Wild Child movement workshops unlock the inner child, inner joy and a sense of freedom. There’s no ‘doing it wrong’, there’s no perfect alignment to achieve, there’s no discipline, there’s no future mastery to attain. There’s just movement. Now. More details here.

planting seeds

‘Planting Seeds’: A Weekend Retreat (August 31-September 2)

Join Anna and Clare, from Wild Child Moves, for a Spring retreat at the beautiful Govinda Valley Retreat Centre in the heart of the Royal National Park. We will be planting trees to honour Mother Earth and give our love back to this land – in healing the earth we heal ourselves and vice versa.

Spring is a time for transformation, new life, heightened energy. It is the perfect time to take stock of the things we want to bring forth into our lives and that which we want to let go of. More details here.