Workshops, Retreats & Events

Urban Retreat: Awakening the Warrior Heart (AUG 18-19)

This weekend urban retreat will take participants on the hero’s journey. The format will be four workshop sessions over two days, exploring the nature of inner and outer strength through both the physical and the philosophical.

What is strength? Words I associate with strength are: adaptability, active flexibility, power, stability, vulnerability, heart, resilience, stamina, courage, love. How do we become a conduit for the strength of the earth to flow through us? How do we become an instrument by which the earth is able to protect herself? What does the material body reveal about the external world it interacts with, as well as the nature of strength within the more subtle layers of our being? How can we balance despair, hope, action and joyful living in a world going through a massive ecological shift right before our eyes?

This is warrior training for world changers and status quo shakers, for anyone feeling powerlessness and despair over the state of the world, for those interested in the intersection between movement and spirituality, for those interested in deep ecology and spiritual activism, for healers, lovers, seekers and anyone doing the work of reconnection. This will be a transformative weekend aiming to hold space for you to step up and into your power.

When: Saturday August 18 – Sunday August 19
Time: 11am-330pm both days
Where: Union Street Yoga, Newtown
Investment: $200 (early bird before July 31) / $250 after July 31 / $150 low-wage

The investment includes 4x workshop-style sessions over two days and a nourishing vegan lunch on both days.

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Shake It Off #4: Body Poetry (Saturday August 25, 6-745pm)

Shake It Off #4 will explore ‘Body Poetry’ through movement. Body Poetry is the way we express language through our physical and energetic bodies. What is the effect of your body language on your internal world? We often talk about body language as the way we present to the external world – however, more importantly the way we hold our bodies, move our bodies, sends signals to our internal atmosphere. How we move our bodies is a conversation between the external and the internal, the physical and the subtle, energetic, emotional. This is what Shake It Off #4 will explore. We will also use movement as a way to explore how our emotional world moves us and how we can utilise movement to move emotions through us – offering them to the flow.

We will guide you through poems of love, joy, sensuality, playfulness, chaos, stillness, contemplation and deep listening.

Wild Child movement workshops are about remembering our wild bodies. Using movement as an expression of our inner landscape. Join us to unlock your inner child, your inner wild, joy and a sense of freedom.

The practice begins with a group warm up and then movers are blindfolded so we aren’t self-conscious and can move freely. Clare and Anna guide the class through visualisation and cues with great music but how your body moves is entirely up to you

WHEN: Saturday 25 August, 6:00pm
WHERE: Union St Yoga / 175A Union St, Erskineville, NSW 2043
COST: $30 ($25 earlybird by typing discount code ‘wildchild’ at checkout before July 31)