Nature Practice Day Retreat

Wild Child Day Retreat

April 7, 10am-5pm

Join Clare and Anna, from Wild Child Moves, for a full day nature immersion in the beautiful Royal National Park.

Leave the city behind and dive into the healing power of our Mother Earth.

We will lead you on a walking meditation through the luscious green forest from Heathcote to the stunning ‘Karloo Pools’

After a swim in the pristine water we will lead you through a yoga and movement practice. This will be followed by a dedicated ‘forest bathing’ session where you will be encouraged to connect with nature using all of your senses.

We will craft nature mandalas using treasures from the forest floor and leave them as an offering back to the earth.

We will use story-telling and sit spot meditation to come understand more deeply the relationships of the land here. We will build a sense of intimacy and connection with the Earth.

There will be a led elemental relaxation with singing bowl sound healing.

Please bring vegan snacks to share for a communal picnic lunch where we can take time to appreciate the earth that feeds us every day.

Where: Karloo Pools bush walk (Royal National Park) accessible from Heathcote train station.

When: Saturday 7th April 10am – 5pm (meet Heathcote train station 10am)

Investment: $100

Heathcote station is easily accessible on the T4 Illawarra line. We encourage travelling by train or carpooling to reduce our carbon footprint.

Numbers are strictly limited to 10 to reduce impact on the natural environment. To book please email