Anna’s writing has appeared in Australian Yoga Journal, Overland Literary Journal, Good Weekend, Yen Magazine, Dumbo Feather, Peppermint Magazine, The Drum, Sydney Morning Herald, New Matilda, The Diplomat and others.

Go Wild (Australian Yoga Journal, Issue 39, November/December 2014)

Yogis through the ages have left civilisation to find enlightenment in the forests. For many years the Buddha was a forest renunciate with a disciplined yoga practice. The wild was considered a potent place to explore one’s awareness – free from the distractions and limitations of society. In the wild, the renunciate yogis, searched for their essence.

Human Kind (Yen Magazine, Issue 71, August 2014)

Zip those negative thoughts and show a bit of kindness to feel all warm and fuzzy, and reap some health benefits.

Before I die I want to… (Australian Yoga Journal, Issue 37, August/September 2014)

Artist and urban planner, Candy Chang, went through a long process of grief, depression and existential confusion after the death of her close friend Joan, who had acted as a mother to her for 15 years but she found death also gave her perspective. This one sudden, calamitous event threw Candy in a new direction in her work.

Living Yoga: Yoga and Activism (Australian Yoga Journal, May/June 2014)

Joining Sea Shepherd was a way for me to very actively tread this path of compassion. A common prayer in the Jivamukti method is ‘lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu’. This prayer translates as ‘May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts words and actions of my life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all’. In this way, joining Sea Shepherd is a large part of my yoga practice.

Why activists need to practice yoga (The Scavenger, 23 April, 2014)

Forget the designer leggings or fitness aspect, the introspective practices of yoga can be a valuable guide for social change advocates.

Karma Yoga (Australian Yoga Journal, April 2014)

Find your path towards leading a purpose-filled life.

Japan Ordered to Stop Whaling (April 1, 2014 NewMatilda.com)

Australia has won its whaling case against Japan – a great victory for activists. Changing the words of the convention will be the next step, writes Sea Shepherd crew member Anna Greer.

Earth and Sea (March 21, 2014 Dumbo Feather)

Trees and earth and stone all smell sweeter than the sea. For 94 days, I have been on patrol in the Southern Ocean with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as part of the most-recent whale defence campaign. As we approach 100 nautical miles downwind from the lush coastline of New Zealand’s South Island, that sweet fragrance hits us through an open window on the bridge.

‘Warning. Keep Clear. Avoid Collision’ (March 18, 2014 NewMatilda.com)

The Australian government’s failure to monitor Japan’s Antarctic whale hunt emboldened the whaling fleet to launch brazen attacks on the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd crew member Anna Greer reports.

Where Yoga and Activism Merge (January 20, 2014 Operation Relentless Blog)

When many people hear the word yoga they think of a form of exercise; however what is known as the asana practice is only a very small part of a rich and varied tradition. Sailing on the High Seas with Sea Shepherd is a form of yoga practice too.

Vive la Rawvolution (November 2013, Yen Magazine)

The resistance is strong out there, but there’s no reason we can’t hear the raw food movement out. Please, everyone, let’s give peas a chance.

‘Akin to terrorism’: the war on animal activists (August 9, 2013 Overland.org.au)

Will Potter, the author of Green is the New Red, which documents the rising rhetorical and legislative war against anarchists, environmentalists and animal rights activists, recently toured Australia and New Zealand. I spoke to him about the growing injustices perpetrated against activists in the US, and his own experiences of harassment and intimidation by the FBI.

The Battle Over Whaling (July 12, 2013, Overland.org.au)

Australia’s case against Japan’s Southern Ocean whaling program in The Hague is wrapping up after three weeks of hearings. The whole case hinges on whether Japan’s whaling program can be proved to be primarily for scientific reasons but what is emerging is an argument over the role and purpose of the International Whaling Commission.

Peter Hammarstedt is a Sea Shepherd (Winter 2013, Dumbo Feather, Issue 36)

Peter Hammarstedt risks his life for whales. Every summer for the past eight years, Peter has left the comfort of land to protect whales from a tragic death at the pointy end of a harpoon. He has dedicated his entire adult life to the protection of the oceans and its inhabitants, patrolling the icy waters of Antarctica, the marine parks of South America and the ice floes of Canada with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

All At Sea (June 2013, Overland Literary Journal, Issue 211)

It is just water going up and going down,’ the captain said in his thick French accent. By that stage I was familiar with the going up and down, but water isn’t just water when it’s being churned up by the wind in one of the most inhospitable oceans on Earth. It is a force of destruction.  (PDF CLIP)

Two of us: Lilikoi & Kim Kaos (April 2 2011, Good Weekend)

A founding member of the Australian Circus & Physical Theatre Association, Kim Kaos, 52, and her circus and sideshow performing daughter Lilikoi Kaos, 22, have come through the other side of illness and the death of Lilikoi’s father with an amazing bond.

Malalai Joya: Speaking for a crippled nation (November 23, 2010, ABC – The Drum)

As Australia trains militants associated with warlords, one of Afghanistan’s most famous women says all foreign troops should be withdrawn now.

War over but peace remains elusive (May 24, 2010, ABC – The Drum)

Tamil civilians found themselves in an impossible situation when the 30-year civil war reached its peak. If they tried to escape the conflict zone they risked being shot by LTTE cadres – who showed a flagrant disregard for the welfare of the Tamil people caught up in the fighting – and if they stayed, they risked coming under attack by heavy artillery, forced conscription and starvation.

A life through a different lens (March 2010, Yen Magazine, Issue 43)

Filmmaker, circus performer and photographer Jamie Livingston took a Polaroid photograph every day from March 1979 to October 1997 – the day he died.

Tofu-gate (February 22, 2010, newmatilda.com)

Shock: Last week’s headlines about vegetarians being bad for the planet turn out to be completely distorted. Anna Greer looks at how hard the media had to work to get it so deliberately wrong

Vaudeville ladies: Behind the velvet curtain (The view from here: 19 perspectives on feminism)

I’m standing in a marquee tent at Woodford Folk Festival, with a hundred other women grabbing my boobs and poking my ‘goodies’ out. Brisbane-based burlesque performer, Lena Marlena, is schooling us in the art of performing cheeky sexuality.

Knit Wit (September, Yen Magazine, 2009)

Who doesn’t love a good yarn? Magda Sayeg is taking knitting to the street with her woolly graffiti, which demands nothing more than a smile as you spot a colourful tag in the most unlikely of urban spaces.

Betel Nut Beat (The Diplomat, Nov/Dec 2007)

Betel nut beauties and their patrons are caught in Taiwan’s changing streetscape.