Class Schedule

Now that our lives are changed by this pandemic I teach a number of online yoga classes each week. Email and I’ll send you all the info to join.


Independent Classes ($10-20, bookings through me):

  • Tuesday 730-9am :: Jivamukti Yoga
  • Wednesday 530-7pm :: Yang/Yin & Guided Relaxation
  • Thursday 730-9am :: Yin Yoga & Meditation
  • Sunday 830-10am :: Jivamukti Yoga

Union Street Yoga (bookings and pricing through

  • Wednesday 10-115am Yin Yoga
  • Thursday 7-815pm Flight School
For classes via Union Street Yoga, book at or mindbody and a link will be sent out 15 mins before class starts.
  • I am also available for online private classes.